Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Art of Dating

So today my timeline on Facebook (FB) was filled with "Logan post." So I did a little, and I mean very little, reading to see where the posts were coming from. Apparently a young lady posted about her date, a young man, taking her to Logan's for a date.  Now that is harmless in my eyes,  but I may be missing something be as I am 34 years old and have had my share of dates...

But there were many opinions of the young woman. Yes, even I chimed in to offer m two or three cents! After finding out she is of college age... I rolled my eyes in the most sarcastic way... She's a kid. A product of the late 90's era. So my digression stops there. Why? I hear so many off my former students talk as if they are the descendants of Sex and the City's  Carrie or Charlotte! And sadly they are a product of parents were youth themselves and misguided them for the most part!

I remember my college days... and the dating... My freshman year and sophomore year I swear I thought it was out of a magazine... I was firm living and working two jobs... So there was always money to blow. Fabulous' "Throw it in the bag" was written just for me"... lol. Plus my boyfriend made it even more pleasurable by being of statue... Di dining out at Logan's was like McDonalds to us...we started at Logans, Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang's, Olive Garden, & Little Italy... to name a few... but my fav meal was always the two cheeseburgers and medium fry from McDonalds... When you're really feeling someone and they offer to take you out... if it's genuine how you feel, you don't care where you go. As long as you're with that person, you don't care about the restaurant... You're taking the opportunity to see who the person really is.

But this new generation of kids lack substance. Many don't even date because they are too busy kicking it casually that they miss all the substance a person had until someone else has them. I hope that he young man looses her information and sees that she is shallow as hell. And as for her, I hope she sees him in the future along with his wife as she is standing in the rain with her Bebe's kids...

Impressionable dates are reserved for when we know each other well enough to know that we both are all in so I will spend the check at Perry's Steakhouse (but it's not a check, this what I wanted to spend on my Babe just because money)... but you guys know what I mean!!! Learn the Art of Dating, then apply where needed!

Thanks for reading today! 😘

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