Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Waiting til Marriage Vs. Waiting til Understanding (to have SEX)

Lately, I have been so focused on ALL things I have slacked on my writing...(hint the hiatus from this here blog)! Well I am blogging and a few other things.. I am almost done with Pink Lips.. My second book which is Fabulously Juicy with INFO bringing  the Dirt...Now catch that!!! #TING...

Well, I am back on the promoting trail, and that lead me to a YOUTH SUMMIT in my HOMETOWN... and of course, when they call (and I can make it) I am there. I love home, and I love being able to inspire my HOMETeam!! They loved and Hated me first... WHAT? It comes with the territory when you moving in the name of GOD... LOVE is evident, but some SHADE will be thrown.

As I completed my Presentation titled, "GET YO' LIFE"... I gave the opportunity for Q & A! Now, I love that part of the event... You get to ask me what you want.. and you know I am going to give it back how I WANT...but its going to be real as EVER.. That is ALL I KNOW...but here we are in the HOUSE of THE LORD (Amen!!) and the question was: "With you being a teen mother, would  you say its better to wait til marriage?" Now honestly, I have ran this question through my mind several times, just because! But here it is and it was thrown through the air for me to catch #POW!

So here was my answer: I understand the whole wait til marriage! Being a woman who has had a child early on, and now being a woman in 2013... I can't preach "wait until married" but if that is the background in which a young lady has come from, I will support it. I will on the other hand, preach "wait til you are Understanding"... because SEX is a responsibility. It has ramifications deeper than getting pregnant. Getting pregnant is probability.. The other ramifications are STDs and then those even greater "FEELINGs"... We were short in the setting, due to other speakers, but the question stayed and lingered on til now. I just had to further elaborate and see what other adults thoughts...

See I am not married. I do see myself married and all that good stuff. I also have some great people that are married around me, but I also know some bad marriages... Now, waiting to have sex until marriage is rare in most of my convos... Does it make the UNION better? Ehhh, Does it make the UNION stronger? Ehhh....  Sex is tricky... In my single life, Sex is... Well let me go back a second. Sex as a teen, was all about a feeling. You think you love that guy. You think you love that girl. You doing what you know you shouldn't be doing and then you all of a sudden you caught up. How? most are pregnant! Then the guy or girl isn't going to uphold any of what they told you; or you caught up with an STD that is taking time out of your life! #AintNOBODYGOTTIMEFORGONORRHEA (LMAO)- I'm #WEAK but so freaking SERIOUS...

Now in my SINGLE (ADULT) Life... Sex is a #STRUGGLE (HAHA-- ya'll thought I was gone say SEX is mind blowing, make you want a cigarette and I don't even smoke kinda thing--NAH)!! Its a #Struggle, because you can get sex anywhere. Any and everybody giving it. The difference now from then, Sex comes with an UNDERSTANDING, because I am a WOMAN with standards. #TING... IF you were burned by sex with a guy from your previous relationship or teen relationship...You should already know you have to change the things you allowed to happen to you. IF you have decided to allow someone your most prized and initimate possession, you need to make sure you have an understanding of what it is and what could happen... EVEN if its YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE. Lets face it, people cheat... and CHEATING HURTS... No, don't walk around with the attitude of being cheated, but be able to understand, that the person you give your all too, just may not want it all. You can wait til marriage; and I think that is a good thing. But if you can't and you have decided that you are ready to deal with the ramifications of SEX just make sure you have your UNDERSTANDING.  If you are are TEEN.. please have this conversation with a person of MATURITY. Not your homegirl or homeboy who hittin' everything moving. CONVERSATION rules the NATION... Don't fall for the OKIE DOKE and then life starts unraveling...LIKE I say... GET Yo' LIFE, before it GET YOU!


  1. You always amaze me at how creative and open you are. I loved the article and hope to see u at the finish line.

  2. Awesome Post...This post was needed and reality for young people as well adults!