Sunday, February 1, 2015

Starting Over After Failure

Randomly thinking... No one wants to start over. It sucks the wind out of you. It gut wrenchingly hurts. It's down right embarrassing, and damn near depressing... Okay, I've got that out the way... I've had my pitty party, just as most do when things don't turn out their way... Now let the planning start again. You can't allow yourself to dwell in negative thoughts about spilled milk; whether its loosing your mate, your job, your home, or whatever you hold near and dear to you.

Life fell apart for me as I knew it... But that was okay, little did I know. The saying is true is that "things fall apart so that new ones can form". We sometimes think that it's the worst when our plans aren't coming as we thought. In reality, our plans aren't ours anyway. In the last two years I have had to loose in order to gain, and let go in order to get. I realized that I was built stronger than I even imagined. I have been put in very uncomfortable situations to be made comfortable. I thought I had it all together and found out that was lie (in my Maury voice-lol). God doesn't deal with "Proud" people... and that is what I failed to realized and he brought me to it. And if you are realizing where and what you are, you too will be found in the same position.

The new outlook on life has humbled me more and given me discernment. I focus on others more than myself. I am a work in progress; learning to make careful decisions to not lead myself down the destructive path. Because you have to learn the lesson or you will find yourself back where you struggled to come from. So loosing those things that I really didn't work for because I didn't appreciate them, was the best for me. I needed a clean slate to start over with. I needed to look forward to GOD to see what He truly has in store for me. So starting over wasn't the worst for me. I awoke me to get on his path and not think twice about it. Newness, its for everyone if they are willing to let go and let GOD!



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  2. That makes a lot of sense, and it is very common, when having to start again at something. Whether it is starting a new job in a new city, starting over after a heart break, it is all very uneasy. The thing that helps me is focusing on the positivity and the will to succeed. You may feel lost, because you are starting fresh, so you are finding your way, and it will have its own tasks. Rest assured that you will gain control and all will begin to be easy once more. Good Luck! Also, thanks for reading and commenting.