Monday, November 9, 2015

Love, Laugh, Cry, Forgive, and LOVE SOME MORE...

SO it has been Months since I have written... Okay, well over a year. I get side tracked a lot. Especially being in a new career. I want to advance, so that means I have to put a lot of my goals on hold, as I pursue the goal of PROMOTION. In the meantime, I have written a personal story (again) and have several unpublished blogs, and a few ideas that are floating around in me. But in the months that have passed, I have gone in LOVE, felt in Laughter, Cried my soul out, Forgave those that have done whatever, and I began to LOVE all even more.

I laugh and cry about the same these days. People are dying and killing one another left and right. People are also doing some of the craziest things for attention. SO I choose to laugh at most and cry at some. And when I am directly hurt by it, I ask for their forgiveness or if I am angered, I ask my GOD to forgive me and them. FOR I don't know when I may leave this Earth, but I do want to be right with GOD. SO in doing so, I just try to live better each day. For people aren't going to treat you how you want, you do however have to treat them how you want to be treated. So LOVE, its the greatest feeling ever. Laugh till you cry, you won't regret it. Forgive, its the only way to move forward and have sense of peace over your life. And regardless of what, LOVE SOME MORE.


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