Monday, August 12, 2013

DO the WORK!!!

In life there will be many challenges. In order to overcome them, you must DO the WORK. Simply put. Nothing worth having in life is easy. I mean, in my life, I want nothing given to me. Because what's given can easily be taken. So let me grind to get what's mine. And in the process of grinding, let me be humbled.

You can't blame anyone for where you currently are. It is true, that maybe someone could have helped you along your journey. But what I have learned, its just better to pray and move on. See there are going to be people that can help you and won't, and there will be people that won't help you because they can't! That is part of the work you must do in deciding to see whose to be apart of your life. For 15 mos, I have been unemployed. My "core" people knew this... Some helped, and some didn't. It was a frustrating time for me,  but it was a good time to DO the WORK. I started letting those exit my life and I started feeling better. And when those knew it was time to make an exit, they tried to pull the positives out of my life as well. But see, the GOD I serve, knows already who is to make an exit and who is to remain. So I "TooPrettyShrug" at the thought of those clowns, making noise about the ones who are my TRUE CORE....

Everyone isn't destined for your Destination...YOU DO KNOW THAT RIGHT?!?! If not, then your WORK begins today. See as I looked back on my childhood and how things were, I thought I had done most of the work and at 30, I'd be able to live a little and breathe... Boy, was I wrong. I got rid of a toxic relationship, but I didn't rid myself of "friend and family toxins." See they all can be toxins too. Friends (fake ones) can be toxins, because they really don't want to see you grow and do what you are destined to do. They want you to stay at the same point in which you all are til, you start to die off... Well, maybe not die, but you know what I mean... "we grew up together eating vienna sausages, why you eating steak now?" That kinda "Crab" mentality. (and for the record, ain't nothing wrong with eating viennas...I just no longer eat them or White bread, or bologna) (Welp, I did eat a bologna sandwich on my 31st birthday (exception made)--and my cousin PUNCH cooked the hell out of it...but I hadn't since childhood)...But you all GET IT. Let life hit you, like it did me a few months ago... Mannnn, friends (fake ones) start dropping like flies... But its cool... I like the real you... I been grown a long motherfucking time!! SO I CAN TAKE HONESTY... ( I love that line from Player's Club--But I'm not Diamonds cousin...I'm more like Diamond--LMAO) So Deuces to the FAKE ONES... Life is so much better without you! Esp, since I have not any of what I will when I am done with this journey... Just more for the Real peeps to enjoy...

If you are truly doing the work on your life, then you are paying attention to those around you. Some people don't know how negative they are... They are negative ALL DAY EVERYDAY... When I started doing the work, I could sit quietly and hear the exactness of people. See I am a talker (Can't help it, Its genetic)...That's why THIS is for me... I was born for this MANNN... But I had to learn to listen. I mean really listen... And some of the people, I admired, talked about people like they had tails attached to them. Nah, that's not what I am about... a Toxin I need to rid myself of ASAP... and I did. No more, foolish calls or text downing the next.. I am doing the WORK.

Nah, I am not typing this with my "Middle Finger" (#RealDamnTears) but I am typing nonetheless, which means, I am not crying over a fake lost friendship or fake lost family-ship... I am LIVING... Once you do to the work, any and all is possible. Own WHO you are, take Responsibility for your past and present actions, so your future actions will have a chance. You get one life, but ever so often you get a few chances to turn things around to the good of GOD. Try it and See. DO the WORK.... *and no I didn't go there with fake Family.... because at the end of the day, we share blood. They are loved, forgiven, and still family.... #TING

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